Motivation Mondays

For as long as I can remember, I always attributed being busy and always having a plan in motion for every minute of my life, with being productive. I felt like always being busy went hand in hand, with making the most out of life and not missing any opportunities. I definitely am not the type of person to just be able to relax by doing nothing all day and when I do find myself without anything to do, my first instinct is to begin creating ways to stay busy or to make plans.

What I failed to recognize in living a life like this, is that I wasn’t giving myself the proper “me” time that I fully needed. We all need time to recharge and it’s definitely a crucial component of life. If this whole pandemic has taught me anything, it is to slow down and embrace the slower moments of life. That it’s okay to prioritize yourself and what you genuinely need. I think it’s important to be in tune with yourself and to allow yourself to have a day, or two, if you feel like you need it, rather than pushing yourself to exhaustion. You’re just not your best self when you’re in that headspace and it will eventually catch up to you in all areas of your life. Rather than to tumble down that continuous rabbit hole, there are so many tools and resources to help with clearing your mental and giving yourself some time to reset. Not every method will work for everyone, so make sure to try out a few to figure out what exactly gets you aligned with your happiest and most calm self.

Some resources that I have been using lately to help me slow down a little in life has been meditation, using my singing bowl, sageing my spaces, journaling, listening to music, working out, reading and blogging. I’ve found that these have helped me so much and although it’s not the easiest to force myself to slow down and do, I always end up feeling so much better and recharged. So for those of you who are feeling exhausted and aren’t giving yourselves the proper you time that you really need. This is your sign to find what works best for you, and to incorporate that into your schedule.

Published by The Diamond Lining

Throughout life, people seek the silver lining. I’m here to show you the Diamond lining. The Diamond lining is predominantly a lifestyle blog to help you look and feel your best through my weekly motivation and outfit inspiration. I will be providing you with content to motivate your Mondays, transform your wardrobes on Wednesdays and share with you some of my favorite products every Friday.

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