Motivation Mondays

“Without rain, nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms in your life”.

Whether we’re talking major storms or a little drizzle, you need to embrace it all to properly cherish the good days. While social media can make it seem like there are people living perfect lives 24/7… I promise you, they’re really not. That’s okay though! Everyone needs a little struggle in life because without the bad days, or a little hiccup in our routine… we would not be able to appreciate the little moments in life, that provide us with our happiest days. How would you even be able to recognize the things that made you happy without knowing what didn’t? While embracing a little struggle, the key to all of this, is to not harbor on the bad days and the disruptions to your flow. I have found it to be extremely beneficial to take the time to acknowledge and dissect the bad moments experienced. Why do you feel the way you do? What improvements could you make to prevent feeling like this for the future? What steps can you take to change your situation right now? These are all questions that I ask myself when faced with a problem because it allows me to talk the problem out with myself and often times, not repeat the situation. So while the storms are just a part of life, just know that they will eventually pass and they’re crucial to everyones journey in growth.

Published by The Diamond Lining

Throughout life, people seek the silver lining. I’m here to show you the Diamond lining. The Diamond lining is predominantly a lifestyle blog to help you look and feel your best through my weekly motivation and outfit inspiration. I will be providing you with content to motivate your Mondays, transform your wardrobes on Wednesdays and share with you some of my favorite products every Friday.

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