Motivation Mondays

“Take the risk, don’t let the unknown stop you from progressing”.

Staying in your comfort zone is…comfortable. Sure, it’s easy, but also the number one thing that will prevent you from progressing in life. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The same opportunities to take a vision and to make it a reality. While not everyone has the same exact tools to do so, we all have it in us to become whatever we want for ourselves. And that’s going to be different for everyone. We wouldn’t have dreams of doing things or becoming certain versions of ourselves, if it weren’t possible. While it’s an easy route to go with the flow and to continue on a safe path, I’ve found that it’s the most worthwhile to take a dream and step out of your comfort zone in order to get yourself closer to that. It’s certainly not easy, and can even be a bit scary, but rather than wondering what could have been, wouldn’t you want to at least try to get closer to your highest potential? So, my advice to you this week is to do something to get yourself out of your comfort zone, however big or small, in any aspect of your life. You owe it to yourself to at least try.

Published by The Diamond Lining

Throughout life, people seek the silver lining. I’m here to show you the Diamond lining. The Diamond lining is predominantly a lifestyle blog to help you look and feel your best through my weekly motivation and outfit inspiration. I will be providing you with content to motivate your Mondays, transform your wardrobes on Wednesdays and share with you some of my favorite products every Friday.

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