Motivation Mondays

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we honor and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., so it only seemed appropriate to pull a quote from his archives. As one of history’s greatest influencers, this quote from 1960, that King spoke of at the Spelman college rally is still relevant. I honestly love this quote because it is what I personally stand for in my day to day life; to keep moving forward.

The consistent component of life is that it is so unpredictable. Unforeseen circumstances are inevitable, but rather than to be thrown off course by something that you cannot control, find a way to continue on, at whatever pace you can. With the mindset of continuously pushing yourself forward, despite any hardships that you may encounter, you will eventually realize that you are able to do anything you set your mind to and consistently work towards. The other factors simply won’t matter with the right motivated mindset.

Motivation Mondays

“Take the risk, don’t let the unknown stop you from progressing”.

Staying in your comfort zone is…comfortable. Sure, it’s easy, but also the number one thing that will prevent you from progressing in life. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The same opportunities to take a vision and to make it a reality. While not everyone has the same exact tools to do so, we all have it in us to become whatever we want for ourselves. And that’s going to be different for everyone. We wouldn’t have dreams of doing things or becoming certain versions of ourselves, if it weren’t possible. While it’s an easy route to go with the flow and to continue on a safe path, I’ve found that it’s the most worthwhile to take a dream and step out of your comfort zone in order to get yourself closer to that. It’s certainly not easy, and can even be a bit scary, but rather than wondering what could have been, wouldn’t you want to at least try to get closer to your highest potential? So, my advice to you this week is to do something to get yourself out of your comfort zone, however big or small, in any aspect of your life. You owe it to yourself to at least try.

What I Wore Wednesdays

2021 is here and my wardrobe still consists of mostly black….slowly working on it. I’m really loving the whole oversized leather blazer look at the moment and these lug boots are definitely a closet must have! I paired mine back to denim but I also love them merchandised with a jogger for more of a casual vibe. Because the leather blazer and boots had more of a masculine look to them, I wanted to feminize my outfit a bit by adding some lace and bling. All of the pieces that I had on are definitely closet essentials because of their ability to be worn so many ways and their sense of timelessness.

Leather blazer Gold Hawk cami Skinny jeans Boots

Motivation Mondays

In life we go through so many identities and phases until we are able to truly discover who we were meant to be all along. Some people may take longer than others to figure that out and experience different lessons to get there but ultimately, it will lead you to where you’re meant to be. The process of learning who your true self is, is an essential part of everyone’s life. This is literally what separates every individual on earth; by having their own unique story. When going through this life journey it’s important to know when to let go of an outgrown phase and to accept the next chapter. Usually when this time to transition is taking place, it can feel uncomfortable and like your whole world is in mayhem, but that’s also another sign that you’re ready to grow. When you genuinely show that you’re ready for that next phase and put your faith and confidence into getting there you’ll slowly start to see it all fall into place ✨

Motivation Mondays

Happiness is a state of mind that only you can control for yourself. So many people think that once you have the money, that dream job, the house, the relationship, the car..etc. That the ultimate “happiness phase” that you have been waiting for will just fall into place. As each of those things can bring you happiness in the moment, it’s not happiness that will continue to last. Happiness cannot be obtained by disposable objects. It’s just unrealistic because anything that can be taken away from you shouldn’t dictate how you’re feeling internally and on a daily basis.

You should be able to be whole within yourself and anything added to your life is just a bonus. Every day you’re the only person sitting with yourself and your mental and it’s ultimately up to you to make choices to set yourself up to be happy. Whether it be waking up every morning in time to see the sunrise or to get in a workout, using your favorite coffee cup, walking a specific route to smile at a neighbor daily, taking the time to do your favorite skincare routine, wearing a favorite piece of jewelry, or just adding in anything to your routine that is a given to make you happy. This is something that is certainly different for everyone. I started to do this regularly and it honestly makes the world of a difference in my day to day life. These little things that we can consistently add to our day to set ourselves up to be happy are so beneficial in a world that is so uncertain.

What I Wore Wednesdays

Cozy and casual vibes are all I’m about right now, along with this puff sleeve/ balloon sleeve trend! It just takes any outfit to a much more chic and elevated level and I’m totally here for it. I paired mine back to my favorite Joe’s Jeans- which hug you in all of the right places. The shade of these is perfect to pair back to literally any other colors in your closet; whether that be black. brown or colored tones. Fun fact; I have a little selection of confidence clothing- go to pieces in my wardrobe that always make me feel amazing and these jeans are definitely in that rotation! Because the look is so neutral, I decided to pair it with a black and gold studded belt to give the look a little excitement. I’ve been loving fun belts to mix up my more basic pieces and definitely am in a belt phase at the moment. The black combat boots that I paired this look with are a great staple to have. Big chunky boots are definitely happening right now so if your closet is missing these, you should definitely reconsider. Mine aren’t in stock anymore but the Dr. Marten options are a great alternative. You can pair them back to denim, leggings, skirts or dresses. I personally love mixing feminine and grungy looks- I feel like that’s just my go to style; always has been, always will be.

Turtleneck balloon sleeve top Jeans Belt Combat boots

Motivation Mondays

“Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is the ability to remain calm no matter what happens, constantly take action to turn it to positive growth opportunities, and have faith to believe that it will all work out in the end while you are waiting”.

Living in NYC, it’s a natural way of life to constantly be rushing. With my mindset constantly on what I’m doing next, I’m always on the go. When faced with any interruption to my plans, it’s an easy reaction to get flustered and annoyed, which as you know, doesn’t end up being beneficial to anyone. Patience is something I’ve had to consciously work on over the years but in retrospect ends up allowing things to work out as they’re meant to. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that there’s no need to rush through life. Take the time to be patient and the right things will come to you at the right time.

What I Wore Wednesdays

If you looked in my closet, you would see that it consists of mostly neutrals(Okay mostly black, but I’m working on it) It’s definitely my go to look for sure; colors that I gravitate towards because you have so many options to pair them with and they’re definitely just my “feel good colors”. Tonal looks or mixing of neutrals are all the rage this season. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the brown/black combo and although a lot of people are hesitant to mix the two, it’s a definitely approved in the fashion world.

An item that’s been seen everywhere is the classic leather pant. It’s definitely a wardrobe staple because you can dress it up or pair it down to a more casual look with a sneaker. These pants are amazing because they hold you in, in all of the right places and don’t have that awkward noise that you’ll find in some leather pants. I paired mine back to my favorite jacket of the season- this luxurious leather and fur combo that I’ll link below. It’s also on sale now, so get it before it sells out because it’s definitely a best seller on the site! Being a city girl, I’ve grown to love kitten heels, they give you that confidence of wearing a heel but also give you the ability to trek blocks and avenues on end! Mine were from last year but I linked a similar pair! Lately I’ve been obsessed with the brown/black combo and although a lot of people are hesitant to mix the two, it’s a definitely approved in the fashion world.

Jacket Pants Booties

Motivation Mondays

“What if it does work out exactly how you imagined it to be or greater? Entertain that thought”.

Many of us have become so programmed to think in realistic terms rather than hopeful ones. I recently came across this quote and it made me question how I was looking at certain aspects of my life. I’m often one to be more realistic than hopeful, most likely as a defense mechanism, but why? Being hopeful sets you up to send out that desire to the universe and allows the universe to work its magic in getting it to you. In allowing yourself to get excited about something happening and feeling that high vibration, you’re sending out positive energy, which, by the law of attraction, can only be returned. So stay hopeful, get excited about what you want out of this week and see the difference that it makes!


Every single person has an idea of how they want their lives to be. It’s human nature. The job, relationships, friendships, status, income.. etc. No one can plan their every move with their every anticipated outcome, it’s just not how life works. In the moment, yes the detours are disheartening but by shifting your focus off of the “what could have beens” and adapting to the present situation, you give yourself an opportunity to embrace the opportunities that you couldn’t have even imagined for yourself. If you’re finding yourself in a position where you feel thrown off the path you had envisioned for your future, do yourself a favor, take a step back and take in the new routes that have been exposed to you. If you look closely enough, you will be sure to find the advantages of this detour.