Motivation Mondays

I recently started reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck” by Mark Manson, and it’s really given me a different approach to my thought process. If you couldn’t guess it, the basis of the book is to care less in order to live a happier life. I am totally all for this. At the end of the day, you are the person that you’re living with, remembering memories of and creating a lifestyle that is solely catered to you. As long as you’re a) doing things to make yourself happy, b) content with the person that you’re looking at in the mirror and c) making choices that will further advance you towards your goals and dreams, then why stress over irrelevant, minor details in your overall story?

Don’t get me wrong here, morals and values do go a long way, so you do need to care a little bit; but it’s really about recognizing the importance of what you’re choosing to care about. By maintaining awareness of this, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to lead a much happier and less mentally cluttered lifestyle.

Motivation Mondays

” You are exactly where you are meant to be”

I love this quote because it is SO true. It is very easy to lose sight of this at times; with the pressure from society, social media, friends, family and even yourself, to be at a certain stage of life or doing more than you are at the moment. The beauty of life, is that everyones path is different and uniquely catered to each and every individual. Everyone has to do exactly what they’re doing in the present moment to further themselves on their journey and to give them the life that was meant for them. So you’re not where you envisioned yourself to be at a certain age? Rather than to think of the negatives surrounding this, why not think of what you do have going for you and what your current situations circumstances mean for you. Really take the time to think of what you are able to do at this standpoint in your life to clearly get you closer to your end goal. That could be gaining more knowledge so that you are successful, saving more money, advancing relationships, networking more, having more “you” time to figure things out..I’m sure if you really put your mind to it, you could turn around the fact that maybe you aren’t where you “envisioned” yourself to be, but that it’s the perfect place for you right now.

Motivation Mondays

For as long as I can remember, I always attributed being busy and always having a plan in motion for every minute of my life, with being productive. I felt like always being busy went hand in hand, with making the most out of life and not missing any opportunities. I definitely am not the type of person to just be able to relax by doing nothing all day and when I do find myself without anything to do, my first instinct is to begin creating ways to stay busy or to make plans.

What I failed to recognize in living a life like this, is that I wasn’t giving myself the proper “me” time that I fully needed. We all need time to recharge and it’s definitely a crucial component of life. If this whole pandemic has taught me anything, it is to slow down and embrace the slower moments of life. That it’s okay to prioritize yourself and what you genuinely need. I think it’s important to be in tune with yourself and to allow yourself to have a day, or two, if you feel like you need it, rather than pushing yourself to exhaustion. You’re just not your best self when you’re in that headspace and it will eventually catch up to you in all areas of your life. Rather than to tumble down that continuous rabbit hole, there are so many tools and resources to help with clearing your mental and giving yourself some time to reset. Not every method will work for everyone, so make sure to try out a few to figure out what exactly gets you aligned with your happiest and most calm self.

Some resources that I have been using lately to help me slow down a little in life has been meditation, using my singing bowl, sageing my spaces, journaling, listening to music, working out, reading and blogging. I’ve found that these have helped me so much and although it’s not the easiest to force myself to slow down and do, I always end up feeling so much better and recharged. So for those of you who are feeling exhausted and aren’t giving yourselves the proper you time that you really need. This is your sign to find what works best for you, and to incorporate that into your schedule.

Friday Favorites

Finding the perfect nail salon provides a level of comfort that I can’t exactly explain. I’ve lived in NYC for about 7 years now- 3 different boroughs, 5 apartments…and I hadn’t found my go to…until I came across Spa Ella recently.

Spa Ella has everything that you would ever want in a nail salon and honestly I’ve never looked forward to getting my nails done more than I do now, with having this as my spot!

From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted in unison by the sweetest team of workers. The ambiance (which is a main thing for me) is clean, modern and provides a relaxing atmosphere. As you’re guided to your chair kindly by the technician assigned to you, you’re given a plethora of choices ( another important thing!) They always have updated colors and while it’s not the best for those that are indecisive, a girl does love her options! As the technician quickly tends to your nail needs, the owner, Ella ( who is the kindest woman ever!) is there to answer any and all questions that you could possibly have. She is clearly knowledgeable in the industry and has an answer for any of your concerns. This nail salon is in Brooklyn, so for all of my locals, and even the non locals too, definitely check this out for all of your nail needs!


What I Wore Wednesdays

It’s all in the details! I’ve posted about this brand before and will definitely continue to do so in the future, because it is one of my absolute favorites! One reason why I love the brand Gold Hawk is because the designer always incorporates the most gorgeous accents to her pieces. These camisoles are great as separates or as layering pieces and definitely great essentials to keep on hand.
One of my favorites is the Lucy, as seen above. Throughout the collection, there are a plethora of lengths, colors, strap width options and silhouettes to choose from, so you’re not limited by any means. The lace detail that the designer incorporates throughout her collection adds a little romance to any outfit, which I am personally all about in these upcoming seasons! This top can be worn closed with a French tuck, or as I wore it, paired back to a tonal camisole for more of a sophisticated and elegant look.

Camisole Shanghai embroidered top

Motivation Mondays

“Be the energy that you want to attract”

This philosophy goes back to the law of attraction, and I’ve personally seen the effects of this, first hand. It’s not necessarily the easiest to be the energy that you want to attract, especially when what you want to attract seems so out of reach. It definitely takes practice to get yourself into this mentality, but it is possible. It is important to be more conscious of what you’re actually looking for and how you can get yourself mentally aligned with that, from there, your given path should follow.

Take a look at your daily thoughts and habits- are they in line with who you want to become and helpful in getting you on the path that you envision for yourself? If not, what kind of thinking and what changes in your day to day, can you implement to get yourself there? Clearly identify what kind of life you want, visualize the things you desire, who you want to have by your side and the person that you want to be. With the right mindset and proper self discipline, anyone can accomplish whatever they aspire to have in life.

What I Wore Wednesdays

_From Brunch…
To Hiking_

These cargo pants are versatile enough to do both! Neutral tones are EVERYWHERE in the upcoming seasons so this nude tone is a perfect color to add to your wardrobes! Beginning the day with Brunch, I paired the look with a black crop top, leather oversized blazer and pointed toe, kitten heel booties, which are all the rage lately and definitely a must have for current/ upcoming trends. Lately I’ve been loving the look of dressing up your casual attire. Being in the city, hiking is a little rare.. but my boyfriend and I found this adorable park in Brooklyn that was right on the water and it gave me the nature vibes that I’ve been so desperately needing! The nude cargo pants were comfortable enough for physical activities and cute enough to stand out in nature. I paired the hiking look back to a cropped hoodie that I actually cut myself and a pair of my go to converse!

Cargo pants, crop top, leather blazer, booties

Cropped hoodie, converse

Motivation Mondays


Such a simple phrase, yet not the easiest thing to do. Lately I’ve found myself making excuses for “just doing” the things that set my soul on fire. Lack of time, exhaustion from other engagements, not feeling creative… my excuses have been piling on. I am definitely a firm believer of balance in life. I know it’s important to take the time to reset and recharge when needed, but I’m an even bigger advocate for making sure life is filled with the things, that will bring you immense joy on the daily. Excuses can make that a hard reality at times.

Life is continuously full of “just do it” moments, and they won’t always be at the perfect time or on route of a carefully thought out plan. The “just do it” moments are the risks, the funny stories, the advances, the lessons and the moments you look back on and realize that they altered your life in unimaginable ways. So next time you find yourself playing it safe and caught up in routine, put yourself in a position to JUST DO IT.

Motivation Mondays

“Trust the timing of your life”

Honestly, I cannot emphasize this quote enough! EVERYTHING in your life is happening to you or for you with divine reasoning. Trust that whatever opportunities are presented, struggles you’re going through, or calm moments to think clearly, were given to you in that moment for a specific reason. With that being said, allow yourself to process the things happening to you in the present and to trust that they’re leading you to your next path.

Motivation Mondays

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

Often times all we think of during difficult situations is the stress that we endure in that moment. What really should be noticed, is that a difficult time is always offering value of some sort to your life. The goal is to be able to train your way of thinking to automatically go to this mindset when faced with a challenge.

Life is really all about perspective. How you are able to perceive the situations you go through, ultimately dictates your quality of life. If you were to take a difficult situation and think of the positive things that were actually to come from it, rather than dwelling on what you may be losing in that moment, I bet you could find a way to change your perception of the situation. Doesn’t this sound much better than being stuck in a negative thought process, with no way out? Once you are able to flip your way of thinking and to identify the positives that can come from this, you are then able to gain something from a difficult situation. Therefore, what once started as a stressful, difficult hardship becomes a valuable lesson that has helped you on your journey of life.

With that in mind, I advise you to try to start training your mind with little annoyances and work your way up; i.e. You miss the train– More time to think/read/prepare properly for your day, lose something– I’m sure it’s not the worst thing you could have lost, so that’s the universe warning you to stop being so forgetful before it gets worse! Something doesn’t go your way-look for the the things you can gain because of this…etc. Once you start thinking like this, you will become more conscious of all of your thoughts. This will provide you with a better mindset to filter out the negative ones.